Amazon Heads to the “Unknown” Parts of America with Anthology Series

Everyone’s trying to find a new angle into the anthology and this new one mixes urban legends with true crime.

Craig MacNeill (“The Twilight Zone”, “Castle Rock”) & Clay Chapman, the duo behind SpectreVision’s SXSW horror film The Boy, have teamed up with Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy’s Kilter Films to develop the horror series “Unknown” at Amazon, reports Deadline.

“Unknown” is a psychological horror anthology series that plunges into the corners of the American landscape, probing the intersection of folklore and our bloody history of true crime.

It sounds as if this anthology series tackles a new story every season, as opposed to each episode.

“The first season is centered around an estranged brother and sister, who return to the Texas Killing Fields, only to encounter a dark spirit that inhabits the region from their childhood.”

The series will be produced by Amazon Studios and Kilter Films.