Andy Muschietti Directing Feature Film Adaptation of Edward Gorey’s ‘The Doubtful Guest’ for Amblin!

Written by Edward Gorey and published in 1957, the illustrated book The Doubtful Guest is getting a feature film adaptation from Amblin, with some serious talent attached to it.

For starters, Deadline reports that Andy Muschietti (Mama, It, It: Chapter Two) is directing as well as producing alongside Barbara Muschietti, with Emily V. Gordon (The Big Sick) writing the script. Additionally, Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick) is attached to star!

Deadline notes, “The Doubtful Guest, Gorey’s third book, is one of his most distinctive works. Originally published in 1957, the story revolves around a mysterious, mischievous creature whose unannounced and unwelcome arrival at a family’s home brings trouble and chaos.”

“A vaguely sinister comedy of manners by beloved artist Edward Gorey told in a set of fourteen rhyming couplets, The Doubtful Guest is the story of a solemn, mysterious, outdoor creature, dressed rather ordinarily in sneakers and a scarf, who appears on a winter night at a family’s Victorian home and never leaves again. Gorey’s eerie and charming illustrations accompany the verses, making this an enjoyably strange (and strangely enjoyable) read for all ages.”

Andy and Barbara Muschietti are producing through their production company Double Dream.

Gordon and Nanjiani will be executive producing the film.