Blake Griffin Says Kevin Durant Was His Biggest Recruiter To Sign With Brooklyn – Fadeaway World

(via NetsDaily)

Blake Griffin’s arrival in Brooklyn was met with mixed reactions from the NBA community. While many lamented at the idea of an already powerful superteam getting even better, others showed excitement and intrigue as to what the team would look like.

With Griff now officially a part of the squad, he revealed how he ended up signing with them amid a market that featured plenty of other contenders. Apparently, Kevin Durant was his biggest recruiter.

It really should be no surprise that KD was the biggest advocate for recruiting Blake. In the past, he has shown how willing he is to help build a superteam. Some fans, of course, see it as a sign of weakness.

No matter your feeling son Durant or the new-look Nets, they’re going to be a threat for years to come. And if any team wangs any hope of knocking them out in the playoffs, they will likely have to build a super squad for themselves.