“Bloody Mary” or “Plague”? Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” Poll is Down to the FINAL TWO Choices

“This is it. Your last chance!”

It started with a list of six themes which was then cut down to four, and now just two final competitors remain in the “American Horror Story” poll Ryan Murphy launched last week.

We still don’t know exactly *why* Murphy started this poll, we must remind, but it seems he and the “AHS” team are gauging interest in potential upcoming seasons of the FX series.

As Murphy keeps teasing, “the American Horror Story universe is expanding.”

The final vote is between “American Horror Story: Bloody Mary” and “American Horror Story: Plague,” and you can head over to Twitter and Instagram to place your vote now!

The franchise will premiere not only its tenth season – “American Horror Story: Double Feature” – this year but also a spinoff anthology series, titled “American Horror Stories.”