Cult Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Second Sight’ Reappears on Steam

For old-school fans, you might remember a little game from Free Radical Design from 2004 called Second Sight. It was also ported to the PC, but ended up being taken off of Steam back in 2012. Well, lucky for you (and thanks to THQ Nordic for snagging the rights), it’s back!

Created by the same people who made the TimeSplitters series, Second Sight is a sci-fi thriller where you a parapsychology researcher named John Vattic. You awake in a Virginian medical facility with no memory, but you’re also now imbued with psychic powers. You’ve not only got to recover your memory, but as you soon learn, you’ve also got to stop a covert plot to create an army of super soldiers.

The game is a bona fide cult classic, and definitely worth checking out on Steam, PlayStation 2, GameCube or the Xbox.