David Adefeso’s Fans Appreciate That He Makes Important Strides For The Future Of America

David Adefeso has been offering financial advice to people for a while now. Check out the post that he recently shared and had people praising him in the comments.

‘Thank you @venturecenter for having us! We’re making important strides for the future of America. Recent studies show less than 30% of Americans know what a 529 Plan is, and only 13% use them because they have traditionally been difficult to set up and manage. These accounts are designed to help individuals save for college by allowing them to grow without accruing taxes. Read the full article (Link in bio) to learn about the @sootchyapp mission to eradicate student loan debt, while spreading the word about 529 Plans, the powerhouse of college savings,’ he captioned his post.

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Somoene said: ‘@david.adefeso @sootchyapp Congratulations 👏🏾👏🏾 amazing article. ❤️🔥’ and a commenter posted this: ‘COgrats for trying your best to help us during these difficult times!’
‘Thank you @venturecenter for having us! We’re making important strides for the future of America.

He also shared the following post recently: ‘Link in bio for today’s full episode! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and like my FB page to get alerts for the live show! #WealthDemystified Follow @david.adefeso’

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Someone said: ‘Very informative information! I have some homework to do!! Thank you!’ and another follower posted this: ‘I’ll be joining next week. I’ve fell of my routine but I’m still applying your teachings I’ve also told some others to join.’

A commenter posted: ‘@david.adefeso Wow amazing!!! An hour goes by toooo fast. I learned so much. Thanks David. 😊❤️🔥’

David broke up from Tamar Braxon back in 2020 and they have both been recovering following the events.