Delve Into a Psychological Horror Detective Story With ‘Alan Sharp’ on Steam Today

If you’re up for a little horror murder mystery this weekend, Mystive Studios might have just the thing for you with Alan Sharp, which has it’s first episode available today on Steam. Driven by immersive storyline and character development, the title is “focused on exploration, survival, puzzles, and open-world investigation.”

The first chapter casts you as Sam Whithers, a young detective and ex-assistant of the legendary Alan Sharp. While investigating the events at a Beggers Hole crime scene prior to Alan’s arrival, Sam uncovers demons of his past. He’ll not only have to battle his own sanity, but an unholy entity bent on consuming him.

As mentioned, Alan Sharp focuses on puzzle-solving that will test your logic, intelligence, and detective skills. In addition, the game requires you to do your detective work and search for clues, as well as engage in conversation with the town’s folk. Obviously, not everyone is to be trusted. Even your own eyes. Luckily, you’ll have your trusty journal handy to keep track of everything.

And hey, what’s a good detective story without some good old psychological horror thrown in? Throughout your investigation, a sinister presence will loom over you every step of the way, twisting your thoughts and bending reality.