Developers Hashbane Announce Spiritual Sequel to ‘Dino Crisis’ in ‘Instinction’; Set For Release in 2022

We’ve talked about it before, but it’s no secret that fans of Capcom’s Dino Crisis want to see the developer bring the series back. And yes, unfortunately Capcom doesn’t seem keen on doing that at the moment. So, it’s up to fans to create “spiritual successors” to the series, as is the case with New Zealand indie developers Hashbane and Instinction, which is aiming for a 2022 release.

“We wanted what many gamers wanted, a modern take on an age old cult classic, a dinosaur survival game with modern mechanics and a compelling story, after 20 years waiting we had no choice but to make one ourselves, and it had to be amazing so as to pay homage to the original, with full mod support for the community!” explains the press release, which hits all of the right notes for fans longing for the return of Panic Horror.

According to the press release, Instinction will be played in first and third person perspectives interchangeably. Players assume the role as one of three salvage crew members in solo or co-op, and progress through multiple objectives while finding upgrades for their gear.

Instinction will also allow you to customize your HUD, giving you the ability to toggle each HUD element on and off, items such as the mini-map, ammunition, compass, mission, hints and inventory. Everything, including HUD positioning, is fully customizable and you have the ability to choose presets or create your own.

The press release lists off a lot of next-gen goodies, including eye candy such as advanced ray-tracing, DLSS 2.0, HDRI, dynamic resolution and frame rates with forward support for gaming at 8k and 120fps. The title will also optionally take advantage of the PS5’s adaptive trigger and haptic feedback.

Instinction will take advantage of the Unreal Engine, allowing for “incredibly responsive combat and weaponry, advanced dismemberment, interactive and destructible environments”. The title is expected in Q3 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and the Xbox Series.