Draymond Green screams in pain in Team USA injury scare

Draymond Green gave Golden State Warriors fans a major scare when he appeared to injure his elbow during Team USA’s pre-Olympic exhibition against Spain on Sunday.

Late in the third quarter of the contest, Green drove to the basket and took hard contact from Marc Gasol. The Warriors forward appeared to tweak his right elbow on the play, as he was seen rubbing it with his face obviously in pain. When he shot his free-throws, Green screamed in pain after launching his first freebie.

Draymond Green had to exit in the next dead ball, but he didn’t get any treatment and seemed to recover after resting his elbow for a bit. He was seen cheering his teammates while he was on the sidelines, and the Warriors’ small-ball center eventually returned to the contest midway through the fourth quarter.

The 31-year-old finished the game with six points, four rebounds, three assists and two steals in a little over 25 minutes of playing time. In a bit of good news for Team USA, they won against  Spain, 83-76, to lessen the worries that initially  hovered above their heads after back-to-back defeats to Nigeria and Australia.

Hopefully, Green’s elbow will be fine and it won’t be an issue moving forward. After all, aside from being the leader of Team USA, the Warriors star also needs to anchor the defense of the star-studded squad.

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