Draymond Green vocal on Stephen Curry Team USA snub

No one can argue that the current iteration of the Team USA roster isn’t stacked, but it’s definitely missing a few high profile pieces. One in particular is a certain star who plays for the Golden State Warriors. Stephen Curry has never played for the Olympics throughout his career, and is missing yet another one.

Despite missing Curry, Team USA has three members of the Warriors title teams on the roster in Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, and JaVale McGee.

Green recently spoke out about his star teammate skipping out on the tournament, via Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle:

As for right now, “I don’t need to try to push Steph to play for Team USA because I already know the reasons why,” Green said. Golden State fans get the picture, as well. A fresh, invigorated Curry this autumn sounds just fine to them.

Would Warriors fans want to see Stephen Curry lighting up the scoreboard for Team USA during the offseason? Sure. Would they prefer a well-rested Curry ready to compete for a title next season? Without a doubt.

Stephen Curry means more to the Golden State Warriors than he ever could for Team USA. Draymond Green isn’t missing him one bit as long as he comes out guns blazing on opening night.

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