Educating Greater Manchester star jailed for hiding boyfriend’s gun and ammo

Mia Peers appeared on Educating Greater Manchester in 2017, while pregnant with her first child (Picture: Cavendish Press)

A mum who appeared on a hit Channel 4 show has been jailed after she admitted hiding her boyfriend’s gun at her home.

Mia Peers was one of the stars of Educating Greater Manchester, a fly-on-the-wall documentary, during which she got pregnant while sitting her GCSEs.

Peers, now 20, will serve a five year sentence under the UK’s strict gun laws after she was handed the drawstring bag by her unnamed partner who told her to hide it and ‘not ask any questions’ and ‘not let anyone go near it.’

She only discovered the bag contained a pistol and five 9mm bullets when she was held at knifepoint by gangsters looking for the weapons after they stormed a friend’s house.

Peers confessed all to her mum after the ordeal which saw several men hold a knife to the throats of her and her friend while they were urged to hand over the guns.

The men fled when they realised the gun wasn’t in the house and, returning home, Peers looked in the bag she’d been given and saw the weapon inside.

Police were called to her home in Little Hulton, Salford, on November 28 last year to find her sobbing in the kitchen before she showed them the stash hidden under the stairs.

Peers is currently pregnant with her second child and, when she gives birth later this year, she will be detained in a mother and a baby unit at Styal women’s prison in Cheshire. Her other child, a four-year-old-girl, is now living with her grandmother.

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Peers admitted hiding the gun for her boyfriend (Picture: Cavendish Press)
Peers has been jailed for five years (Picture: Cavendish Press)

Peers’ lawyers pleaded with the judge not to jail her because she was ‘vulnerable to exploitation’ and had no previous convictions.

Her lawyer Jacob Dyer said during the trial at Manchester Crown Court: ‘She was in shock following the attack and then told her mum about the weapon. Clearly she was in fear of the consequences for her.

‘She was extremely vulnerable to exploitation and there was some sort of infatuation with her partner. These are exceptional circumstances. A custodial sentence would be a tragic outcome for her.’

But Judge Timothy Smith said he was left with no choice due to the UK’s laws which insist on mandatory prison sentences for gun crime.

Peers’ lawyers pleaded with the judge to let her off with a suspended sentence (Picture: Cavendish Press)

Mr Smith said guns are used in Greater Manchester to ‘kill and inflict injuries of the utmost severity’.

He added: ‘They are used to impose terror on others and to enforce criminal activity.

‘Those who engage in these acts need a safe place to store their weapons. Those who are looking for refuge for these guns look for people exactly like you – and that is just the reason why there has to be a deterrent.

‘It’s harsh for somebody in your position, but that’s the consequence of a deterrent sentence and is not something that is arbitrary or disproportionate.’

Peers was praised for continuing with her GCSEs, despite being pregnant (Picture: Cavendish Press)

Educating Greater Manchester followed the students of Harrop Fold School in Little Hulton.

Peers appeared on the programme in 2017 and was seen telling teachers she did not want to sit one of her exams due to the pain of being pregnant.

She later gave birth, sat all her exams and subsequently studied hairdressing at Salford City College.

At the time her mother Nicola said: ‘Whatever Mia decided we were always going to support her decision about the baby. But I always wanted her to go to school and do her exams.’

‘I have said from day one that everyone will pass judgement but you have to show people yes, you were 15 and got pregnant. But you carried on with school, did your exams and did the best you could. She wasn’t the first and she definitely won’t be the last. She is a fantastic mum.’

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