Experimental ‘Elm Street’ Tribute Video Removes All the Characters and Lets Creepy Atmosphere Shine

We’ve all seen countless A Nightmare on Elm Street tribute videos that are loaded with all the usual clips, naturally focusing heavily on Freddy Krueger and Nancy Thompson, but this latest one from the filmmakers over at Hungry Creature Productions goes in the complete opposite direction. This Elm Street tribute video, well, it removes all the characters entirely.

Titled In the Margins of A Nightmare on Elm Street, the 3-minute video cuts away all footage of characters from the film, focusing only on things like establishing shots and atmospherics. The result is a surprisingly unsettling new look at Wes Craven’s horror classic, with the film’s iconic theme song playing over a collection of visuals that play up the film’s creepy ambiance.

“When the characters are removed, what is left of their story?” the video asks.

Step inside the margins of Craven’s slasher masterpiece below…