Fan attack on Red Sox Alex Verdugo gets crazily punished

Fans filling up stadiums again is a great thing. Sports just aren’t the same in hollow arenas, with no one cheering on the stars of the game. Having the live noise and energy of a crowd can never replicated, and should be appreciated. But sometimes, fans just don’t know how to act. The Boston Red Sox  and Alex Verdugo learned that lesson recently.

During the Red Sox-Yankees game on Saturday, a fan decided it would be a great idea to toss a baseball back onto the field. Particularly, right at Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo. That went as well as you could expect.

Verdugo, understandably, went ballistic, calling out whoever threw the ball at him. He was held back by umpires and his coaches to ensure he didn’t do anything reckless. At the end of the day, Alex Cora, the Red Sox manager, pulled all his players off the field entirely. The game was eventually called off due to rain, with the Yanks winning 3-1 after six innings.

Everyone involved was very frustrated with the situation. Reported by Chris Cotillo of MassLive, Cora went on record after the Red Sox-Yankees game, saying:

We lost the game and the rain and all the other stuff, but the fact Alex got hit by a baseball… it’s like, did we really get to this?

Thankfully, the MLB responded in good fashion. After this scary development in their latest game against the Red Sox, the Yankees and the MLB banned the fan from any ballpark in the league for life. As the Yankees said in a statement on Sunday:

reckless, disorderly and dangerous behavior that puts the safety of players, field staff or fellow fans in jeopardy will not be tolerated.

To anyone going to games, you ought to enjoy a nice day at the ballpark. Don’t be a jerk to other fans, much less to the players themselves.

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