Fans Debate: Julius Randle Is Having A Better Season Than Anthony Davis

At this point, nobody is arguing that Anthony Davis is not the best power forward in basketball. Coming off his first NBA Championship, the 27-year-old big man is a 7x All-Star, 4x All-NBA Player, and a dominant force on both ends of the court.

But when you compare his numbers to another, much less celebrated big man, it kind of puts a different spin on things.

In New York, Julius Randle is having a career-year, putting up 22.6 points, 10.9 rebounds, and 6 assists per game — all of which are currently more than AD’s numbers in 2021. Interestingly enough, the Knicks are also playing surprisingly well, boasting a record of 10-13 in the East.

With the reality of those numbers, fans on Twitter debated its meaning and why it isn’t a topic being talked about more.

Obviously, it’s a stretch to say Randle is a better player than AD. Not only is “The Brow” a Champion, he’s also worlds better on defense, as evidenced by his 1.9 blocks per game this season.

But Randle’s performance this campaign is certainly eye-opening, and it seems the fans are noticing as well. In the latest return of All-Star votes, he’s eight in the East frontcourt, with over 175,000 votes.

It’ll be interesting to see if Randle can keep up his performance for the rest of this season. If this just a fluke or a sign of things to come for him?