Fight Monsters in The Siberian Landscape in Survival Horror Title ‘Expedition Zero’

Developer Enigmatic Machines and publisher tinybuild are jumping into the arena with their own wintery horror game in Expedition Zero, which will launch for PC via Steam later this year.

Set in the heart of rural Siberia, players will be putting their engineering skills to the test as the last survivor of a Soviet scientific expedition codenamed “Expedition Zero”, sent in to investigate an unexpected meteorite crash that has turned a Siberian forest into an exclusion zone. Oh, and you’ll also have to deal with flesh-eating creatures that have been devastating local villages.

While you’re in this solo, you’ve got your mechanized protective suit that you’ll be able to upgrade, along with crafting other Soviet-era gadgets and tech.

Admittedly, the trailer doesn’t show much, but at least the Steam page is up and running with a wishlist option. And the screenshots released so far really get that isolation vibe going, which is always welcome in a game like this.