Funko Launching New Line of “Little Golden Books” for Kids With the Universal Monsters!

Written by Michael Aloisi, Kane Hodder‘s biography Unmasked was originally released back in 2011, and now a special 10th anniversary edition is on the way from Dark Ink.

Dark Ink explains, “To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Unmasked, Dark Ink is excited to announce the ultimate Kane Hodder collector’s item…Kill! Signed by Kane and containing both Unmasked and The Killer & I in one massive edition, along with new pictures, new chapters, messages and pictures from fans and much more, this limited-edition book is a one-of-a-kind display piece made for die-hard Kane fans and horror collectors.”

“This book will only be printed once and never released to the mass market. Once it is gone, it will be gone for good,” they add. The new edition is expected to ship by December 2021. 

Here’s the full breakdown of what you can expect from this new edition:

  • Signed by Kane Hodder on Custom Signature Page
  • Limited One Time Only Press Run
  • Hand Numbered
  • Contains both Unmasked and The Killer & I in one massive volume
  • Foil Stamped Cover with Original Title

Bonus Material Includes:

  • Marilyn Newton’s never before told story about Kane’s burn
  • New Foreword to Unmasked from Kane
  • New Chapter: The Last Ten Years
  • New Chapter: The Impact of Unmasked
  • New Section: The Killer & You – Letters from Fans
  • Kane’s Personal Handwritten Journal from Jason Takes Manhattan
  • Kane’s Personal Handwritten Journal from Jason X
  • New Essay from Derek Dennis Hebert about the making of To Hell and Back
  • Color insert with over a hundred pictures not in Unmasked
  • Fan Photo section of fans with Kane
  • New Foreword from Michael Aloisi to The Killer & I
  • New Chapter: Ten More Years of the Killer & I

For those unfamiliar, The Killer & I was a book documenting Kane and Michael’s adventures writing Unmasked, and a sequel to that book is also being released by Dark Ink.

Head over to Dark Ink’s website to learn more and place your pre-orders!