‘H.P. Lovecraft’s The Deep Ones’ Gives Birth to a Monstrous Sea God This June [Trailer]

The writings of H.P. Lovecraft continue to inspire horror movies all these years later, and right about now we’re in the midst of a serious Lovecraft resurgence. Next up is H.P. Lovecraft’s The Deep Ones, releasing June 15 on Digital & DVD from 123 Go Films and Distribution Solutions.

Naturally, it’s set in a small seaside town with a monstrous secret…

A married couple rents a beachside cottage only to be surrounded by peculiar neighbors and strange occurrences. They soon discover themselves in the grips of a mysterious cult and their ancient sea god.”

Chad Ferrin (ParasitesSomeone’s Knocking at the Door) wrote and directed this one.

Watch the official trailer down below…