Hasbro’s Retro “The Real Ghostbusters” Toy Line Expands With Ecto-1 Vehicle and Classic Monsters!

Hasbro has been tapping into ’80s nostalgia with brand spankin’ new reissues of classic “The Real Ghostbusters” toys, based on Kenner’s beloved toy line. They’ve even re-released the retro “Ghost Popper” toy, along with figures of the ‘busters as well as Slimer and Stay Puft.

Up next from Hasbro, we’ve learned today courtesy of GameSpot, is the Ecto-1 vehicle and the ghost toys “Bug-Eye” and “Fearsome Flush,” also based on Kenner’s retro toys from the ’80s!

GameSpot notes that the Ecto-1 will cost you $50, with the ghosts selling for $15 each.

Like the rest of the collection, they’re Walmart exclusives, going up for grabs in April!