Henry Zebrowski and Holden McNeely on the Intersection of The Dark Tower and Dune [The Losers’ Club Podcast]

Deserts. Sandworms. Spices. The world of Frank Herbert’s Dune is a world both wonderful and strange. For Constant Readers of Stephen King, it’s a realm that’s not too dissimilar from the Master of Horror’s own fantasy epic: The Dark Tower series. Both universes are as complex as they are mercurial — seemingly unattainable and yet deliciously inviting.

That’s about as perfect a lead-in we can design for this very special crossover episode of The Losers’ Club. Today, Losers Justin Gerber and Dan Caffrey welcome co-hosts Henry Zebrowski and Holden McNeely of LPN Deep Dives: Dune for what can best be described as a frenetic and unpredictable chat surrounding the two authors and their two respective worlds.

Together, they discuss Herbert’s vision of Dune as a Utopian novel, its box office potential (or possible lack thereof) when Denis Villenueve’s adaptation hits theaters later this year, how it’s more complex than a lot of other well-known sci-if/fantasy epics, how it dispels the hero narrative, and, naturally, where it intersects and diverts from The Dark Tower series.

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