‘Honeydew’ Now Being Served on VOD, Digital HD and DVD! [Bloody Disgusting x Dark Star]

The flesh is family…

After a small theatrical run, today marks the VOD, Digital HD and DVD release of the very first Bloody Disgusting x Dark Star Pictures collaboration, Honeydew, which calls back to classics like Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with a modern A24-esque flair.

“Honeydew tells the story of a young couple (played by Sawyer Spielberg and Malin Barr) who are forced to seek shelter in the home of an aging farmer (Barbara Kingsley) and her peculiar son, when they suddenly begin having strange cravings and hallucinations taking them down a rabbit hole of the bizarre.”

The acclaimed backwoods horror feature, written and directed by Devereux Milburn, boasts the acting debut of Sawyer Spielberg, son of director Steven Spielberg!

Originally set to screen at Tribeca prior to its cancelation, Honeydew ended up having its World Premiere at the Nightstream Film Festival where Bloody Disgusting’s Meagan Navarro reviewed the film, calling it an “idiosyncratic and deranged backwoods voyage.”

She added: “…for those willing to take an insane trip to a hallucinatory and hellish night of terror, Honeydew makes for one depraved mood piece full of warped humor and shocking violence.”

I hope you saved room for dessert because we’ve cooked up quite the disturbing feast!

Honeydew is built around a sort of modern-day Hansel and Gretel narrative that follows two relatively opposite lovers through a strange and dark rural landscape, which offers the more seeking of the two an opportunity to veer off the course and follow his impulses without judgment or consequences—or so he thinks,” Milburn tells us.

Slashfilm also wrote that Honeydew is “sinister, shocking, and unlike its title, far from sweet.”

Devereux Milburn was awarded “Best Director” out of the UK FrightFest premiere.

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