Hyper-Violent Boomer Shooter ‘Turbo Overkill’ Gives You Guns And a Chainsaw Leg

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Another throwback first-person shooter?” Yes, Trigger Happy Interactive’s Turbo Overkill does have that. But really, when was the last time you played a game where you had nonstop over-the-top violence and a friggin’ chainsaw for a leg?

Described as a cyberpunk FPS, Turbo Overkill has you assuming the role of The Street Cleaner, a violent killing machine that’s been assigned the simple task of cleaning up the streets of Neo-paradise of crime and an evolving AI that’s “melding flesh and metal in the shadows.”

You can guess what cleaning you’ll be doing.

Along with an array of weapons that result in bloody messes, you’ll also be double-jumping and chainsaw sliding your way across the city. The trailer below gives a pretty good idea as to what you’re capable of doing in the game.

While Turbo Overkill has no release date as of yet, you can hit up its Steam page to wishlist it.