“I Am Very Grateful For My Time In The Bay Area. I Will Always Be A Warrior In My Heart.” – Fadeaway World

(via ESPN)

Kevin Durant was one of the key pieces in the Warriors dynasty during the 2016-17 and 2017-18 championship runs. Durant’s isolation scoring was extremely valuable to the Warriors, as was his ability to guard the big wings of the modern era like LeBron James. Kevin Durant made the Golden State Warriors unstoppable. He did however elect to leave the Bay Area after the 2018-19 season, choosing to sign with the Brooklyn Nets.

Recently, Kevin Durant was interviewed about his interactions with his former teammates in Golden State. Durant revealed that he keeps up with them, and also said something that would make any Warriors fan smile.

Yeah, definitely keep in touch. You know, here and there, I have seen Draymond in the summer. We ran to each other at a restaurant. It was good to see him and his family.

Talked to Steph a couple of times. So, it’s good to see from afar everybody’s doing well. And realize that these bonds that we created will never be broken, no matter what jerseys we put on, no matter what part of the country that we are living in.

It’s just like when you see guys you won a championship with, you had long playoff runs with, you know, you have a different connection. So, I am very grateful for my time in the Bay area. I will always be a Warrior in my heart.

It is good to see Kevin Durant still keeps in touch with his former teammates. Winning a championship creates memories and experiences, and Durant seems to have loved his time in the Bay area. Kevin Durant is a Warriors legend, and he will always be welcomed there.