“I Don’t Think People Really Appreciate What I Did” – Fadeaway World

Robert Horry is a 7-time NBA champion, winning more titles than a lot of players in the league, including legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. After Tom Brady tied him in championships with his 7th Super Bowl win, some people started to attack the 16-year NBA veteran, who didn’t enjoy that.

He talked with Fox Sports’ Melissa Rohlin and explained that he wants his respect since he played an important role in each of those championships he won with the Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers, respectively.

“More than half the time, I feel slighted because I don’t think people really appreciate what I did,” Horry said.

“A part of you gets mad because I don’t think people outside the NBA family — and when I say ‘NBA’ I’m saying coaches and players — they don’t really respect what I did and they don’t really understand what I did and what I was able to accomplish,” Horry told FOX Sports. “It’s always, ‘Oh he was a part. Oh, he was a part.’ Yeah, I was a part, but I was a significant part.

“You can’t have Kool-Aid without sugar, and I was the sugar to most of that stuff.”

The role player was always there when his team needed him and he delivered every time. Horry wasn’t a Michael Jordan or a Kobe Bryant, but to win titles you have to play, you have to make the shots and that’s exactly what he did. You shouldn’t be attacking somebody who was part of big teams and contributed to their victories just for the sake of it.