“I Mean, Sh*t. It’s Not That Bad. We’re Making Millions Of Dollars To Hoop And Do Something We Love Every Day. We’ll Figure The Rest Out.” – Fadeaway World

(via Sporting News)

Fresh off an Achilles recovery, Nets star Kevin Durant is having a pretty solid season, averaging 29.5 points per game. But to say things have been easy for him or his team might be going a bit too far.

Amid chemistry issues, one of the biggest obstacles for Brooklyn has been the COVID-19 pandemic, which has directly impacted KD. He missed several games as part of the NBA’s safety protocols, and it’s clear that it has been a contributing factor to their recent struggles.

Making his return on Friday (after getting cleared by the league), Durant responded to the madness, giving a rather candid statement about his feelings on the matter.

“I mean, sh*t. It’s not that bad. We’re making millions of dollars to hoop and do something we love every day. We’ll figure the rest out.”

There is no arguing that the NBA’s safety measures need some clarity and consistency. It’s clear that the way the league handled the situation with Durant (pulling him in the middle of a game) was probably not the best thing, even if they were just trying to be extra careful.

But, right now, KD isn’t focused on all that. He’s keeping a positive mindset, quiet vibe, and is trying to put his best foot forward amid many challenges this season — because, all things considered, he’s got it pretty good.

We’ll see soon enough if that philosophy pays off for him.