Intense ‘Meander’ Trailer Mixes ‘Cube’ & ‘Saw’, and Is Nightmarishly Claustrophobic! [Video]

Hostile director Mathieu Turi is back with a new sci-fi thriller that looks absolutely bonkers.

In Meander, a woman (Gaia Weiss; “Vikings”) wakes up in a strange tube full of deadly traps. Her only option is to keep moving forward. But it is not clear how far she can get.

The first international trailer is here and it’s intense and nightmarishly claustrophobic, looking like a perfect blend of Vincenzo Natali’s sci-fi horror Cube and James Wan’s nasty Giallo slasher, Saw. It’s colorful, nasty, and filled with traps, not to mention creatures?

Written and directed by Turi, Variety has previously reported that the English-language film also stars Peter Franzen as a man whose “intentions are mysterious.” From the looks of it, he’s been trapped in this maze for a long, long time.

Thanks to Fabien M. for sending.

“You wake up.
You wear a futuristic suit.
You are stuck in an endless metal maze.
Every 8 minutes, you need to move forward or die.
The only reason to know why is to survive every death trap on your way.”