Isaiah Thomas Pays Respect To Kobe Bryant By Selecting 24 As His Number With The New Orleans Pelicans

Isaiah Thomas has been out of the league for a while, but he could potentially re-ignite his career with the New Orleans Pelicans. The former two-time All-Star recently signed a 10-day contract with the Pelicans and will hope to make an impact on the team with his offensive game and his leadership.

An important part of joining any new team is picking your number. Oftentimes, the number that a player picks to wear on his jersey is of personal importance. It was no different for Isaiah Thomas. Recently, Thomas revealed his reason for picking his number, 24. Thomas put out a Tweet that showed that his intention was to honor the late Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant was an inspiration for many NBA players, including Thomas. There are players who wear the number 24 in order to pay respect to their hero, and Thomas is clearly among their number. Isaiah Thomas was a terrific scorer during his prime with the Boston Celtics: perhaps he can replicate some of that scoring form with the Pelicans. Thomas has always been a great floor spacer throughout his career, and during his last season with the Washington Wizards, he shot 41.3% from beyond the arc.

Isaiah Thomas and his experience would be extremely helpful to a team with young stars like the Pelicans. Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram look like they could be future superstars, but every young player needs good guidance to get to the top of their potential. Hopefully, the acquisition of Isaiah Thomas can help them with getting a trustworthy veteran on the squad.