“Jason’s Mom”: ‘Friday the 13th’ Tribute Song from Ice Nine Kills Now Available on Streaming Services [Video]

“Jason can’t you see the love behind her killing spree?”

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we’ve learned this morning that the parody song “Jason’s Mom” from Ice Nine Kills has finally made its way onto streaming, one year after its initial release.

The track is of course a parody cover of the Fountains of Wayne song “Stacy’s Mom,” and it’s a fun little celebration of Mrs. Voorhees and the Friday the 13th franchise her love spawned.

“The track was originally released as part of ‘Fearless At Home’ livestream that aired in May 2020 and was an immediate hit with fans who have consistently requested the track be added to streaming services. Now, their wish has come true,” the press release announces.

“The track was originally released by Ice Nine Kills to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of classic horror movie, Friday the 13th. “Jason’s Mom” is a very special, acoustic parody in honor of one of the deadliest matriarchs in movie history and was released just in time for Mother’s Day last year. The performance was dedicated to Adam Schlesinger whose genius songwriting and smash hit, “Stacy’s Mom”, provided the inspiration for the song.”

You can now stream “Jason’s Mom” on Spotify, Pandora, or wherever else you listen to music.