Julia Ducournau’s ‘Titane’ Won the 2021 Palme d’Or at This Year’s Cannes!

Outside of 2019’s Parasite, which I don’t consider a horror film, I’m not sure the genre has ever won as big as it just did at this year’s Festival International du Film de Cannes.

It was announced over the weekend that Titane, director Julia Ducournau‘s hotly-anticipated follow-up to Raw, won the coveted Palme d’Or, the highest prize awarded at the Cannes Film Festival!

NEON is behind Titane and also celebrated their release of Parasite, which would eventually win Oscars for “Best Picture”, “Best Director”, “Best Original Screenplay” and “Best International Feature”. Does this mean Titane could also be in line to win an Academy Award?!

The first Titane reviews wildly exclaim that Ducournau shocks with “controversial”, “gory”, and “ballsy” body horror, liking it to David Cronenberg’s Crash and Takashi Miike’s Gozu.

According to the festival, the plot follows a series of unexplained crimes where a father is reunited with the son who has been missing for 10 years.

Watch for release news as it comes in.