‘Justice League’: Zack Snyder Shares the Extended “We Live in a Society” Scene Featuring the Joker

Now streaming exclusively on HBO Max in either full color or black & white, the 4-hour “Snyder Cut” of Justice League represents director Zack Snyder‘s originally intended vision for the movie, with the additional scenes expanding upon the character work (notably, Ray Fisher‘s Cyborg), making Steppenwolf a stronger villain, and bringing Darkseid into the mix.

The darker, rated “R” version of Justice League is also loaded with bloodshed, and it’s capped off with a “Knightmare” sequence that was shot by Snyder just last year. The scene sees Batman/Bruce Wayne having a nightmare of a demolished, post-apocalyptic Earth, with Jared Leto reprising his role as the Joker from Suicide Squad to exchange some words with Batman.

The additional scene was originally teased with a preview clip that had Leto’s Joker humorously delivering the line “we live in a society,” made popular by Joker memes across the internet. That line, however, didn’t actually appear in the full “Snyder Cut,” but Snyder has taken to social media today to share that extended deleted scene in all its black & white glory.

You can check it out below, and you can also purchase an official “We Live in a Society” t-shirt from the Thirty Seconds to Mars online shop, with 50% of profits going to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. The black t-shirts are available in size Small-4XT.