Katie Hopkins pictured at airport after being deported from Australia

Katie Hopkins was pictured at the airport after being deported from Australia (Picture: Backgrid)

Katie Hopkins has been deported from Australia after sparking outrage by flouting quarantine rules.

The former The Apprentice star, wearing a blue face mask, was seen chatting on the phone as she made her way to her flight on Monday.

Katie wore a grey top with sheer sleeves with blue denim jeans, gold trainers and large dark sunglasses.

She had flown out to Sydney to take part in Big Brother VIP and was immediately placed into two weeks of quarantine in a government-mandated hotel.

However in since-deleted Instagram posts the 46-year-old reportedly called lockdowns ‘the greatest hoax in human history’ and said she was breaking the rules by refusing to wear a mask in the Sydney hotel.

Her comments sparked outrage as Australia battles a Covid surge which has led to its two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, being placed into lockdown.

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Katie reportedly bragged about breaking quarantine rules in Australia (Picture: Splash)
She followed guidelines at the airport, wearing a face mask (Picture: Splash)

Home Affairs minister Karen Andrews said on Monday that the reality TV star would be deported for her ‘appalling’ behaviour, which also led Big Brother producers to condemn her actions and confirm she would not take part in the show.

Katie later claimed in a further video that she has ‘never broken quarantine’ in Australia adding that her ‘heart goes out to Australians and this brilliant country known for [its] sense of humour’.

The Seven Network, which airs Big Brother VIP in Australia, confirmed on Sunday that Hopkins would not feature in the forthcoming season.

It said in a statement: ‘Seven Network and Endemol Shine Australia confirm that Katie Hopkins is not part of Big Brother VIP.

Katie Hopkins

The TV star was deported on Monday (Picture: Splash)
She had flown to Australia for Big Brother VIP (Picture: Backgrid)
She denied breaking quarantine rules (Picture: Splash)
The commentator was spotted flying out of Sydney (Picture: Backgrid)
She briefly lowered her mask to speak on the phone (Picture: Backgrid)

‘Seven and Endemol Shine strongly condemn her irresponsible and reckless comments in hotel quarantine.’

Australia’s immigration minister Alex Hawke on Sunday said the country’s border force had launched an investigation.

In a statement on Twitter he said: ‘With NSW & Victoria in lockdown, a reminder that temporary visa holders must obey public health orders.

‘Australian Border Force (ABF) is reviewing this matter. Where visa conditions are breached, individuals may face visa cancellation in accordance with the law.’

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