Klay Thompson calls Draymond Green a ‘cheater’

Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson likes Draymond Green as a teammate and hates him as an opponent. That much is clear after his recent IG Live.

In his latest boat trip, Thompson talked about his favorite board games, during which he mentioned that he will never be playing Green again at Dominoes after losing so much money against him. The Warriors guard then proceeded to hilariously call Dray a “cheater.”

“Draymond took so much damn money from me, I’m sick of that dude. I’m never playing Draymond at dominoes again, he’s a cheater. He has a secret big 5 in his sleeve at all-times, it’s crazy. See me on the bones. I haven’t gotten a win against Draymond in dominoes in years. Nah that’s a lie, I won a series in San Antonio. But it’s been one, one win,” Thompson shared.

While we don’t know the record between Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in Dominoes, it’s safe to assume that Klay has lost A LOT of times already. Besides, he won’t be as salty as he is today if it’s only a few matches.

Hopefully, though, Warriors fans and everyone else get to see the two play in a board game next time. Maybe Thompson can stream it on IG Live so we’ll get to see if there is really some cheating that’s happening?

If Thompson doesn’t want it to be a game of Dominoes, Green might want to take him on chess. As Thompson hinted, he seems to be proud of his chess skills after learning from Norwegian Chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen.

“Trying to see me on the chess? What’s your rating? Gotta be 800 & above. My guy Magnus, I learned from the world champion himself, the GOAT Magnus Carlsen,” Thompson flexed in the same IG Live session.

Never change, Klay.

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