Kyle Kuzma Roasts Brooklyn Nets With The LeBron James Cigarette Meme: “Brooklyn Nets, New York Mets, New York Jets, Las Vegas Bets It Don’t Matter… Lakers In 5!”

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny Kyle Kuzma is a world-class troll and just like the rest of the NBA community, he’s always trying to make fun of his rivals, especially the biggest threats to his team. The Los Angeles Lakers forward couldn’t play against the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday night due to a Grade 1 calf strain but made sure to support his teammates off the court.

The purple and gold were the underdogs entering Saturday night game and they pulled off the upset against Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving (who was ejected), and co. The Lakers won with a comfortably 126-101 result at the Barclays Center, taking revenge on the Nets, who won the first game of the series. After everything was said and done, Kuzma took to Twitter and posted the hilarious LeBron James cigarette meme, making it clear that regardless of the rival, the Lakers will always give their best to win.

Fans were quick to react to that and while some told Kuzma it’s still early to be celebrating, others didn’t care and played along, roasting the Nets even more.

These teams could face each other in the NBA Finals and seeing all the storylines for each team and the rivalry they could create in the next couple of years, we could be watching a memorable series. The Lakers didn’t have LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Kuzma, but they’re working to get back to the court; once that happens, the rest of the league will be on notice again.

As for the Nets, they didn’t have James Harden and Kyrie was ejected. If we get to see these two, fully healthy, going at it, it will be awesome for everybody. And the memes… They will be terrific.