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Her design ambitions reflect careful thinking of diversity as a mechanism that can, in fact, highlight relationships between groups. Plange remembers the profound cultural shift she sensed when she moved from her home country of Ghana to Southern California at five years old. Leading up to high school, she transitioned to a small school in Rancho Cucamonga. She lived through what felt like the prototypical American high-school experience.

The longer she was in school, the more clearly she saw that what felt like dichotomies could also describe a universal experience, shared by groups who participate in a set environment.

“My interests are in people,” says Plange. “I’ve had a lot of experiences with many different groups of people, so I’ve lived through contrasts, like coming from Ghana and growing up in California, like not having a lot of money growing up and yet participating in honors classes, which included a specific kind of student. I think those experiences, along with the ability to travel as an adult, were big reasons why I design the way I do, because you’re able to see that the world is a lot smaller than you think, and that people are not as segmented or opposite in thought as you might think they are.”