“LeBron Is Not Top 10 In PPG, Top 20 In RPG, Top 8 In APG, Top 10 In PER. LeBron Is On A Stacked Team, But Doesn’t Have The Best Record In The West.” – Fadeaway World

Credit: AP

Every single season, LeBron James is somehow part of the MVP conversation. Some seasons more than others but the King has made sure to be as consistent as he can and this year hasn’t been the exception. After all the talking during the offseason about how hard it would be for him to face this campaign, James has proven his doubters wrong, playing great basketball with the Lakers, taking them to the 2nd position in the Western Conference.

Right now he’s part of the MVP conversation again but not everybody is convinced he should win the award over other stars like Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic, for example. One NBA fan took to Twitter to ask why so many people believed LeBron was the frontrunner for the coveted award this campaign, sparking a huge debate.

@DrGuru shared LeBron’s rankings in several categories, asking his fans why they consider he should be given the MVP award this season. What followed was a heated debate with fans making the case for LBJ and others attacking the King and supporting different players.

Just like every year, everybody has something to say about the MVP race. Last season a lot of people believed LeBron was the rightful winner over Giannis Antetokounmpo but this one, things seem to be a little different for the 36-year-old player.

Right now the Lakers are the second-best team in the West and even without Anthony Davis, they have kept afloat. LeBron is the main reason for that but still, several people believe he’s not deserving of this prize.