Leigh Whannell Directed New Deftones Music Video That’s Premiering Tomorrow! [Teaser]

While we wait for his next movie, Saw and Insidious co-creator Leigh Whannell (Upgrade, The Invisible Man) is first getting set to unleash a music video he directed for the band Deftones, which is titled Ceremony and set for premiere here on the net tomorrow, April 21.

You can check out a short teaser video below, while you wait!

Whannell explained how the opportunity came about over on Twitter this week, noting that he’s a big time Deftones fan and had recently written up a tweet in praise of their latest album. From there, Whannell says, it wasn’t long before he was contacted with an offer. Whannell tweets, “One day I wrote on Twitter that I was loving the new @deftones album. The next day their manager sent me a DM asking if I wanted to direct a music video for them. I said yes. The moral of the story is talk about the things you love on Twitter, not the things you hate.”

Amen to that. Come on back here tomorrow for the full video premiere!