Limited Run Games Announces Physical Version of First Three ‘DOOM’ Games in ‘DOOM: The Classics Collection’

Because we all need more classic Doom in our lives, Limited Run is giving fans of the id Software classic a treat. Announced late last night is DOOM: The Classics Collection, a physical collection of the original three Doom games for PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Available in three separate editions, the base version will sell for $29.99, and gives you a disc/cartridge that includes the original DoomDoom II, and Doom 3. The case will also feature a reversible cover, which replicates the artwork for Doom and Doom II.

But, if you want to spring for the $79.99 Special Edition, you’ll be getting several more goodies. You’ll get a SteelBook case for the game replicating the Doom II Master Levels box art, a Doom floppy disk USB stick, a marine helmet keychain, a replica metal red keycard, three art prints for the games, and a reprint of the 1996 Doom comic book that we know and love.

Still not enough? The $129.99 Collector’s Edition gives you all of that, along with a Doom shadowbox featuring the original Doom artwork that houses everything. The shadowbox even lights up and plays the classic “At Doom’s Gate” song!

Pre-orders for the set will begin on April 2 at 10am ET, so if you’re keen on grabbing this loving tribute to one of the greatest game franchises ever, you’d better get in early.