Lucky Daye Explores the Duality of Romantic Relationships in His New Ep ‘Table for Two’

It’s been two years since R&B singer Lucky Daye released his debut LP Painted; a work of art that earned the artist four Grammy nominations. Now, the New Orleans native is back with his highly anticipated EP Table For Two that dropped on Feb. 12. Although it was released just two days before Valentine’s Day, it isn’t filled with your typical love ballads. In this 23 minute collection, Lucky Daye gives his listeners an inside look at the not-so-pretty parts of relationships.

Each song is complemented by a different female artist, whose voice brings unique emotion and individual style to every track. Among these singers are Yebba, Tiana Major9, Mahalia, Ari Lennox, Queen Naija, and Joyce Wrice. In an interview with Apple Music, Daye shares why it was important for him to include them in his music.

“R&B itself is never going to die and I wanted to shine a light on women because I feel it’s time.” said the artist.

The opening track Ego Trip transports the listener to a soundscape of vulnerability, established when a robotic voice says “Please see our complementary ego check at the entrance.” From there you’re submerged with the R&B singer’s ethereal melodies and magnetic voice. Collectively Lucky Daye and the featured artists highlight the complexity of romantic relationships. The EP consists of 7 songs brought together by spoken word, similar to the fluid arrangements of Daye’s Painted album.

As if gracing us with his voice and raw talent wasn’t enough, Daye released a visual poem that includes tracks from the EP.

In an Instagram post, he says he’s excited to share this moment with the world and it’s been a goal of his to incorporate a Floetry vibe in his music.

“Thank you all for helping us make history with the first ep to feature different amazing R&B women on every track. I’ve always been the quiet guy who never shows his feelings bc of how weak it can make me feel. I have so much more I want to say but I’ll let the film speak for itself. ” said the artist.

Both the EP and the visual poem leave us in anticipation of his next album. Listen for yourself and let us know what you think.