Mixed messages on Utah’s trade plans after playoff loss

The Utah Jazz earned the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, but they suffered a disappointing second-round series loss to the Los Angeles Clippers after going up 2-0. The Jazz have consistently been good in recent years, only to either fail to get out of the first round or fail to make the Western Conference Finals.

Because of this, some are wondering if they’ll shake things up. It’s highly unlikely Rudy Gobert or Donovan Mitchell will get traded, but will the supporting cast change?

Matt Moore of The Action Network is hearing some different things about Utah’s trade plans this offseason. Moore reports several sources telling him that the Jazz are open to trade discussions, with Derrick Favors a likely candidate to be moved. Moore’s sources also note Bojan Bogdanovic and Joe Ingles as possible options to be moved as part of a bigger shakeup.

However, Moore reports two other executives denying the idea of a significant shakeup. Instead, they say the indication is the Jazz will “run it back” with their core that got them the best record in the West.

There’s always a lot of information going around at this time of year, so who knows just what exactly is true. The Jazz are surely exploring every avenue to get better, and that could mean possibly making some bigger moves. Mike Conley being a free agent also throws a wrench into all this, as his departure would leave a big hole on the roster.

It’s a good bet that Utah has no issues standing pat with its core this offseason, but a big move shouldn’t be ruled out.

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