Modder Attempting to Implement Third-Person Camera With ‘Resident Evil Village’

Modder Fluffyquack has graced the Resident Evil series once again, as they’re currently working on a third-person camera mod for the recently-released Resident Evil Village. Not to be confused with DarknessValtier’s quick third-person camera mod (which was first implemented in the Village demo), Fluffyquack has been working to get their mod into a more playable state.

Of course, since Village was never really meant to be played from a third-person perspective, there are limitations/difficulties in getting the mod to work properly. As Fluffyquack details, the mod as it stands makes it next-to-impossible to interact with objects, due to the game calculating the interaction from the camera’s distance, not the player position. Worst of all, the camera looks in the wrong direction when having to do any sort of aiming, shooting or reloading.

Plus, as in DarknessValtier’s mod, there’s still the issue of Ethan not having a head. But that’s where character swapping mods come in.

Fluffyquack is unsure if they’ll be able to get it working properly, but as these things go, other modders will sometimes pick up the work to try and tackle it themselves to get a solution.

And hey, there are always other mods you can try out on the Steam version if you’re feeling like Village needs a bit of spontaneity. Resident Evil Village is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Google Stadia.

Thanks to Eurogamer for the heads up.