More ‘Dino Crisis’-Inspired Horror on The Way With ‘Compound Fracture’

Earlier today, Hashbane Interactive threw their proverbial hat into the Dino Crisis ring with Instinction. But, as these things go, the more the merrier, right? Lucky for us, developers Austin Schaeffer, Cyrus Byrd and Pete Goodfellow are also working on their Dino Crisis successor in Compound Fracture, which you can currently wishlist on Steam.

Taking on a more PSX-inspired aesthetic, Compound Fracture has you taking on the role of a government safety inspector doing an unannounced safety check on a company known as ChronoGas. As these things go, suspicion mounts, and before you know it, dinosaurs are running amok.

Lucky for you, you’ve got some firepower to back you up. Of course, being that this is a survival horror game, you’re going to have to be smart about ammo consumption, and scrounge up what you can in order to survive. The game will feature multiple dinos for you to run away from, along with a soundtrack “made to fit the game.”

In other words, the team is looking to recapture that same panic from the original Dino Crisis. Bully for us.

No release date has been announced for the game, but you can check out the trailer below from Austin Schaeffer.