Naomi Osaka Apparel Collection 2021 Official Images Release Date

Naomi Osaka’s second apparel capsule — featuring an assortment of T-shirts, shorts, hoodies, a crop top and a mesh bodysuit — builds from her debut collection by evolving the mixing and layering of pieces for an extended range of looks.

The variety of apparel combinations, along with deeply personal graphic treatments, represents the variety of worlds that Osaka naturally occupies: tennis champion, role model, social-justice advocate, multicultural star, gamer and more. That expansion follows the natural arc of design for a signature athlete. If the first capsule is about creating the foothold for an aesthetic identity, the second collection uses sharp athlete feedback, gained through collaborative trust, to show how she floats effortlessly among many different worlds. In other words, if the first collection is how to see Naomi, the second is just how many ways you can see Naomi.

“Naomi is showing up everywhere, not just in sports,” says Carly Ellis, lead designer for NikeCourt. “She’s at the highest ranks of her sport, she speaks out on matters of social justice, and she’s committed to providing spaces for young girls to follow new role models. As designers, by watching her interact in these different corners of culture, we can embed a far-reaching versatility in the collection, whether that’s through the number of pieces or through the intricacies of the details. Naomi had a hand in the whole process.”