NBA Fan Just Placed $10K On Washington Wizards To Win The 2021 NBA Championship – Fadeaway World

Credit: Getty Images

Some NBA fans have a lot of spare time or a lot of money and they decide to make some big decisions when nobody else does, sometimes surprising a lot of people in the process. This is exactly what happened with one fan that placed a huge bet on the Washington Wizards to win it all this season.

Yes, you read that right. Before the start of the season, they landed Russell Westbrook to team up with Bradley Beal, trying to lead this team to the promised land. A couple of months after that move, the Wizards are a struggling team who can’t get the results this season. They’re the second-worst team in the Eastern Conference (8-17) and nothing seems to indicate they are going to make the playoffs this season.

That bad record didn’t matter for a fan who dropped a $10,000 bet on the Washington Wizards to win the NBA championship. That’s what you call having big hope for one team. They have tried to bounce back but nothing seems to work for them.

In the case they manage to turn things around, the ticket will get this person $5 million but that is extremely unlikely right now. Teams like the Sixers, Nets, Bucks and Celtics are expected to come out of the East this campaign. The Wizards will need more than Brodie and Beal to make the leap and reach the playoffs, let alone winning the NBA title. The only team worse than they in the East are the Detroit Pistons.