New ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ Mod Gives The Strip New Life With Restored NPCs

We all love Fallout: New Vegas, but let’s be honest. There’s something missing along that New Vegas Strip: people. It’s no secret that Obsidian had to chop some things from the final game, and diehard modders have managed to put back a lot of them into the game, including PushTheWinButton’s The Strip NPCs Uncut mod, which restores NPCs that were originally meant to be populating The Strip.

As the modder explains, part of the issue for getting these NPCs back into the game was “due to difficulty in deciphering the scripts related to the Strip”. Nevertheless, this mod accomplishes that.

The Strip NPCs Uncut restores 12 NPCs, which were cut for performance issues. They don’t provide any additional quests for the player, but just add more to the atmosphere you’d expect from something like The Strip. In addition, there are supposed to be seven ‘scripted scenes’ that occur on The Strip, but given their complexity, that will have to be saved for a future update.

Those aren’t the only NPCs PushTheWinButton is planning to restore, as they’re currently making a mod which also restores cut NPCs to Freeside, as well. These NPCs were never actually placed in the game, so expect some “creative license” to be taken with this one.

Hey, if you needed another excuse to jump back into what many still feel is one of the best modern Fallout games, this is as good as any excuse. Obviously, this is for the PC version of the game, but you can snag that on Steam or GOG for pretty cheap these days.

And, if you haven’t already gotten an Xbox Game Pass, Bethesda has recently added their Fallout games to the service.