New ‘Phasmophobia’ Update Grants Ghosts Further Abilities, But Furniture is Now Your Friend

Kinetic Games has given Phasmophobia fans another update, this time adding even more creepy abilities for the ghosts to use on players, tweaking the difficulty during the hunting phase. The developer also added that the future updates will include new maps, ghost types and new equipment.

For starters, ghosts are now harder to evade, with their movement speed increasing over time (save for Revenants) if they see you during a hunt, and they will only leave you alone if they can’t find you at your last known location. Furthermore, ghosts now have a 50% chance to remember the last location they saw you in during the last hunt, and will in turn search that place first during the next hunt.

Want more? If you keep talking inside a locker or closet, and the ghost knows you are in it, the ghost will now fully open both of the doors on its second attempt, even if you are grabbing them.

Luckily for players, it’s not all one-sided. Furniture will now block the line of sight between you and the ghost, granting you more places to hide in all maps, rather than just closets and lockers. Ghosts will also now remain in place during the starting phase of a hunt. However, the starting phase has been reduced from eight seconds to five.

There are also several bug fixes and changes to the UI, which you can read up on from the Steam page.

Phasmophobia is currently available on PC via Steam.