New ‘Resident Evil 4 VR’ Details Emerge, Including Dual-Wielding Weapons, Updated Graphics And More

The announcement last week that Capcom was bringing us yet another Resident Evil 4 port was a surprise, and an even bigger one that it was for the Oculus Quest 2. Details were light on what the port entailed, but The Verge was able to snag the highlights from yesterday’s Oculus Gaming Showcase that dove into what Resident Evil VR is all about.

Along with the new first-person perspective, developer Armature Studio has made it so players will now be able to dual-wield weapons, including those of different types, and have the ability to swap them in-game. As far as player movement, you can either use the Touch controller analog sticks or teleport.

As far as graphical upgrades go, RE4VR has had the in-game models overhauled along with its textures. Enemy attacks are also now optimized around first-person combat. The game will also take advantage of an increased framerate, and now use spatial audio.

Armature and Oculus have said that more details will be revealed soon before the game’s release later this year.