Production Begins on Third ‘Birdemic’ In Which Sea Eagles Attack

Birdemic: Shock and Terror is somewhat of a revelation. Discovered by both Bloody Disgusting and Severin Films, the latter of which acquired the film out of a hilariously legendary screening in Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival, Birdemic is easily one of the best bad movies ever made. It’s so raw, so authentic, and so comically terrible that it’s infinitely rewatchable. It also boasts the acting debut of Bloody Disgusting family member Whitney Moore, who has appeared in several horror films over the years and has become a well-known host in the metal and movie community.

Director James Nguyen and his Moviehead Pictures would eventually make Birdemic 2: The Resurrection, a sequel that was missing a key ingredient: Nguyen was in on the joke. Attempting to capture lightning in a bottle once again proved impossible and turned the franchise into something akin to Sharknado.

With that said, they’re all in good fun and a third Birdemic is welcomed. After years of crowd-sourcing, production is finally underway on Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle in Santa Cruz, CA, says Moviehead PIctures on their official Twitter.

The plot? Well, here’s how James has been selling the sequel: “A flock of sea eagles attack the coastal town of Santa Cruz, California. Why did the birds attack? Who will survive?”

Here’s hoping that he can recapture the magic of the first film…