Puppet Combo Bringing Throwback Survival Horror Game ‘Stay Out of the House’ to Steam

Hot off of the success of last year’s Murder House, indie developer Puppet Combo are taking their 2018 stealth horror game Stay Out of the House to the masses via Steam. Not only that, but as part of Steam’s 2021 Winter Festival, the dev is releasing the “Night Shift” chapter of Stay Out of the House as a free demo starting February 3.

In case you’re not familiar, in Stay Out of the House, what starts out as another ordinary shift at your gas station job turns into a struggle for survival. Captured and caged by the murderous Butcher, you must escape his clutches before you find out just what he has in store for you. Stay Out of the House forces you to gather tools, solve environmental puzzles and, above all, keep quiet. 

As you might expect from Puppet Combo, the graphics for the Stay Out of the House harken back to the old-school PlayStation graphics. There’s no release date as of yet (other than “???” on the Steam page), but you can certainly add it to your wishlist in the meantime. Or, you can always preorder the game from Puppet Combo’s official site.