[R.I.P.] ‘Inseminoid’ and ‘Bloody New Year’ Filmmaker Norman J. Warren Has Passed Away

Our friends over at Fangoria have brought us the sad news this week that filmmaker Norman J. Warren, who directed a string of horror movies throughout his career, has passed away.

The cult filmmaker was 78 years old.

Born on June 25, 1942, Norman J. Warren directed a series of horror films in the 1970s and 1980s, beginning with Satan’s Slave in 1976. That film was followed by Prey in 1977, Terror in 1978, Inseminoid in 1981, and later Bloody New Year in 1987.

Warren also directed Loving Feeling (1968), Her Private Hell (1968), Spaced Out (1979) and Gunpowder (1986). He most recently directed the short The Devil Made Them Do It (2014).

Wikipedia notes, “Although Warren did not release a feature film between 1987 and 2016, he continued to work in the industry directing music videos and educational short films such as Person to Person, a BBC film designed for students of English. His horror films developed a following, culminating in the making of Evil Heritage, a 1999 documentary about his work.”

Warren’s horror films were gathered together in the UK-released “Bloody Terror” Blu-ray set in 2019. That box set’s tribute to Warren read, “One of British genre cinema’s most important and distinctive independent filmmakers, Norman J. Warren made a series of horror films which were at the forefront of a new wave in British horror during the 1970s. Reflecting a period of permissiveness and fearlessness, Warren’s distinctive stylings are far removed from the Gothic conventions of Hammer Films, deliberately upped the ante in terms of sex, violence and gore to create a new breed of horror that was designed to shock for shock’s sake.”