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Hitchcock fans are in for a treat, as Microids and Pendulo Studios have announced a new adventure game based on Hitchcock’s classic 1958 thriller, Vertigo. Per Bleeding Cool, Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo will launch by the end of 2021 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Rather than be a straight-up adaptation, Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo will instead be an original story that will take cues from the film and other Hitchcock works.

The story concerns one Ed Miller, who came out unscathed from his car crash down into Brody Canyon, California. Even though no one was found inside the car wreckage, Ed insists that he was travelling with his wife and daughter. Traumatized by this event, he begins to suffer from severe vertigo. As he starts therapy, he will try to uncover what really happened on that tragic day.

“Of course, Alfred Hitchcock’s movie was a major inspiration source, whether it’s about the game’s themes, its narration, or even the visual techniques we used that clearly mirror Hitchcock’s recurrent cinematographic techniques,” said Pendulo Studios narrative designer Josue Monchan in a press release. “Vertigo is not our only frame of reference. For instance, the fact that therapy is at the core of the narrative echoes Spellbound, and some characters resemble protagonists from Rebecca, Psycho, and many more.”

Alongside the teaser trailer, Microids has also released the first developer diary entry for the game.