Rescue a Stolen Soul in Overhead Action Game ‘Death’s Door’

Devolver Digital is back at it for genre fans involving crows. No, it’s not an adaptation of James O’Barr’s The Crow, but rather developer Acid Nerve’s Death’s Door, a game where you’re a crow harvesting the souls of the dead.

Set for release this Summer on PC via Steam, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series, Death’s Door has you (as a Crow) going after a soul that’s been snatched by a thief and taken to a realm “untouched by death” in the Doors, where creatures grow far past their expiry date.

In addition to a sword, you’ll have a variety of other melee weapons, arrows and magic at your disposal to deal some death of your own as you make your way through the Doors. You’ll have the opportunity to further customize your character with various abilities and upgrades.